My baby shower! \ The Lodge at Keen Lake

Scranton PA Photographers Baby Girl Shower

Last weekend was my baby shower and I truly cannot believe that it's already come + gone. My grandparents leave for vacation in early January so we had to do it a little bit early so they could make it! First, I have to start out by saying that my amazing mom (in purple below) should be a party planner. She is incredibly talented and can make just about anything look incredible. I knew I wanted gold + pink but nothing overly babyish and we thought the Lodge at Keen Lake was the perfect spot for a cozy winter shower. I can't even stand how CUTE the little sparkly antlers are + all of the baby animals. I am SO lucky to have so many amazing women in my life who would not only put on this shower but bring so many gifts for our baby. I'm so excited to set up her room (once it's finished =) and to set up all of her books that everyone brought. So much work was put into this shower + I can't thank my mom, two aunts and grandma for all that they did leading up to it and all the help from my sister + cousins that day. This little babe will be SO lucky to be surrounded by these ladies <3 A few (!!) of my favorite photos from the day are below.