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When I’m not photographing weddings, you can find me at home with my toddler on my hip, dog by my side and iced coffee in hand. I love to cook and read, relax at our little house in the country and try out new lunch spots. And I always order dessert.. always. We’re pretty much always in the middle of a renovation of some sort.. and I swear I only complain about it half the time ;) I love a good Target run and organizing is therapeutic to me. I'm wife to my favorite person and husband Dylan and mom to our little girl, Rosie, and a baby BOY coming later this year. We’ve been married for almost 5 years and I still don’t think I’ve met anyone funnier than him =) We also have a perfect, probably human, dog named Max who gets chased around by Rosie on the daily.



My wedding photography style is romantic, happy and timeless. I specialize in wedding + engagement photography because I love the excitement that comes along with it. Not to sound totally cheesy, but I LOVE what I do. Each wedding is completely unique and creatively I thrive on that. As your photographer, I stand out from the rest by creating an elevated experience for my clients. I’m there every step of the way while planning + I’ll make sure to give you my genuine opinion and advice too.

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